Health Wagon now offers virus antibody treatment

July 19, 2021
Health Wagon personnel work with a patient who received monoclonal antibodies for COVID.  HEALTH WAGON PHOTO Health Wagon personnel work with a patient who received monoclonal antibodies for COVID. HEALTH WAGON PHOTO

The Health Wagon has expanded access to COVID-19 treatment with the use of monoclonal antibodies.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, monoclonal antibodies are lab-made proteins that mimic the immune system’s ability to fight off harmful viruses. These proteins are designed to stop the virus from entering the human cells and can decrease the risk of dying from COVID-19.

“We are the only ones to my knowledge that are giving these in an outpatient setting west of Wytheville and the only one in the nation given them using a mobile health delivery system,” said Health Wagon chief Teresa Tyson.

A COVID outbreak took place recently in Clintwood, according to the Health Wagon. Several family members had been traveling on vacation, and 16 of 26 tested positive. Some of those individuals were candidates and received the antibodies “with great results,” the clinic reports.

Also, a family member of Tyson was diagnosed with COVID-19 while vacationing together. Tyson researched the nearest hospital where the patient could receive monoclonal antibodies and took the family member there. The person was extremely sick but, after having received the infusion, was feeling better almost immediately and had recovered greatly within a day.

To be considered for the treatment, a patient must be in one of the high-risk categories. There is a strict criterion for receiving monoclonal antibodies.

Interested patients are urged to contact the Health Wagon before visiting a clinic. The entire treatment will take approximately two hours (one hour of infusion and one hour of observation).

In addition, the Health Wagon is providing COVID-19 testing at stationary sites in Clintwood and Wise, and is testing and vaccinating from three mobile health units that travel throughout its six-county service area. The Health Wagon also continues to visit home sites and vaccinate patients who are homebound.

For more information, call 276/328-8850 or visit