Meeting featured show and tell items

September 01, 2021


Submitted BY P. Wayne Whitt

The September meeting will be on Tuesday, September 14 at the walking park next to the Clintwood post office. It will be held at 1 p.m. in the picnic arbor. This month we will be having the annual picnic. Chicken, drinks and chips will be supplied. Bring a side dish and/or dessert. Hope to see you there.

The August meeting was fun. It was well attended with 15 members present. Opening prayer was said by Bud Greene.

The Dickenson County Historical Society has been given permission to reprint some of the past books from the Mountain People and Places. It will be good to have some of these available to the public.

The sign in McClure honoring Dr. Ralph Stanley has been replaced. This was accomplished with the efforts of Ethan and Evan Smith, Cliff Phipps and Bud Greene.

This meeting was about show and tell items and members didn’t disappoint. Bill Rose brought a bison skull that had been halved. Kerry Phipps brought a vintage local phone book. Bud Greene brought an antique can opener and a grate shaker. Ella Faye Puckett brought a leather thimble and pillow covers that honored military camps. Jetheral Mullins brought a turkey saddle and a beautiful emu egg and Mildred Brooks brought an ornate brass coffee pot from Syria.