Northstar Digital Literacy program aids adults in workplace skills

September 08, 2021

Southwest Regional Adult Education offers the Northstar Digital Literacy curriculum and assessments for learners. The Northstar Digital Literacy program is aimed at helping adults acquire the skills they need in today’s workplace.

“People without basic computer know-how are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding a job because employers expect basic computer skills for most jobs, including many entry-level positions,” said Linda Allen, Regional Program Manager. “We joined Northstar because it will help our clients have a better chance at getting jobs and getting ahead.”

The free set of assessments includes self-guided modules in the following areas: Essential Computer Skills (Basic Computer Skills, Internet Basics, Using Email, Windows), Essential Software Skills (Microsoft Word), and Using Technology in Daily Life (Career Search Skills). More modules will be added by Northstar in the future. Closed captioning is available, and screen readers are supported.
“The modules are based on a set of basic computer competency benchmarks developed by a diverse group of literacy providers, business representatives and nonprofit agencies,” said Allen. “These standards help ensure that computer classes are teaching adult learners the exact skills they need to succeed in the workplace.”

Southwest Regional Adult Education is among community organizations using standards as part of its programming and offering of certificates. An individual may earn a certificate for one or more of the Northstar modules. To do this, adult learners must take the tests in a supervised setting provided by Southwest Regional Adult Education. Testing sites are conveniently located throughout the region.

If you are interested in improving your digital literacy skills and earning certificates through free proctored testing, contact Southwest Regional Adult Education at 866/581-9935. You will be connected with an adult education instructor in your locality who will enroll you in the program and help get you started with the curriculum.